Went checking in on the bees yesterday and actually found the queen. She was busy going at it working on the far right frames of the hive. The frames all seemed to look pretty good but I had notice some odd looking cells on a few frames, later identified as drone cells.

While picking up the first frame (left most frame) I managed to accidentally knock off some honey comb that had been built on top of existing honeycomb. It was apparent that the bees had been busy trying to fill the space in-between the frame and the brood box wall. Taking the frame out had dislodged the honeycomb from the frame and pulled it off. Adding insult to injury I accidentally broke off honeycomb while flipping my frames around trying to monitor bee activity. After a quick Google search I came across a solution to mend the broken comb by putting rubber bands around the frames and sliding the broken comb in-between the rubber bands, letting the bees do the repair work. I’d hate to see their bill for the repair work.

Honeycomb that had broken off due to the amateur hour show I was putting on for my bees
I was able to get the broken comb back onto the frame with the support of these rubber bands

Ill check back in a few weeks and see if the bees got everything fixed. I did receive a parting gift though in the form of a bee sting on my fingertip. Touché bee’s.. message received.

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